Phil Hellmuth took revenge on Tom Dwan

Phil Hellmuth outplayed Tom Dwan

​Six months ago, Tom Dwan beat Hellmuth in heads-up. Half a year later, the poker players decided to measure their strength again. By tradition, the confrontation took place as part of the High Stakes Duel.

The match lasted over five hours and Phil Hellmuth became the winner of this duel. Poker players fought for $400 000, but Phil pursued another goal. 12 years ago, Tom Dwan advised Hellmuth to learn to play NL Hold'em heads up, and this time Phil was waiting for revenge.

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After the victory, Hellmuth praised his opponent and named him one of the greatest poker players in the world. As for his own vocation, Hellmuth considers himself as a natural born Hold'em player, as he has 13 WSOP victories in NL Hold'em and over 50 final tables.

Hellmuth won the two biggest pots with trips of sevens and a straight flush. As is often the case in poker, the coin flip resolved the outcome of their battle: 8-8 against A-K. King was dealt on the flop and Hellmuth became the winner. It is obvious, that this heads-up won't be the last one.

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