Phil Ivey releases an exclusive NFT collection "Royal Flash"

Phil Ivey 2021

NFTs are a unique asset that allows you to own an exclusive digital product. Phil Ivey has released his own collection of non-fungible tokens and called it "Royal Flush". The collection includes 5 cards, and each card represents something big with the poker professional’s life.

The number of cards is limited:

  • 10 (100 pieces) – $199. The card refers to the number of gold bracelets Ivey has won.
  • J (75 pieces) – $500. The card means Phil Ivey's professionalism.
  • Q (50 pieces) – $999. The card represents Ivey's special gaze at the poker table.
  • K (20 pieces) – $1 999. The card signifies Ivey as the king of poker.


An ace is the main card in the deck; there are only 8 pieces released. They will be sold at a special auction: the starting price of each lot is $4 000. The auction will last 72 hours, and during this time participants will try to purchase the cards, paying in Ethernity cryptocurrency coin.

Those who complete the collection will receive a reward. They will have an opportunity to play poker with Ivey on a luxury yacht in Miami. This year, a private game will be held there, and the owner of all tokens will become one of the participants.

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