Phil Ivey's Cold Run Leads to Early Elimination from $1M WPT Big One for One Drop

Phil Ivey at WPT Big One for One Drop event

The long-awaited $1,000,000 WPT Big One for One Drop tournament has already started in Vegas. 17 players decided to participate in the high roller event, and the prize zone will consist of 4 places with such payouts:

  1. $7,100,000
  2. $4,600,000
  3. $2,800,000
  4. $1,200,000

So far, Day 1 of the tournament has ended, as a result of which only three players were eliminated from the competition. And one of those who dropped out was Phil Ivey himself, who was the first to register for this competition. Talal Shakerchi and David Einhorn joined him in the list of losers. Among those remaining, Dan Smith has the largest stack (191 BB), followed by Indian entrepreneur Santosh Suvarna (154 BB).​

This is one of the most famous charity oriented poker tournaments with such a large entry fee. This time, some players took part in it for the first time: among them are Chris Brewer, Mario Mosboeck and Santosh Suvarna.

Phil Ivey's game in this event did not go well at all – quite soon after the start he lost most of his stack. And later the key moment was a huge pot against Dan Smith. On the turn, Dan made the nut straight with a queen-jack. He moved all-in on the river and Ivey had to make a difficult decision with his ace-jack. He used almost all his available time banks, but ended up making the wrong decision and calling. The result of this was his elimination from the event, and Dan Smith now has an impressive chip leader stack, which will give him an advantage in the next gaming day.

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