Phil Ivey's half-stack "misclick" in $250K tournament

Phil Ivey 2020

As in life, everyone makes mistakes in poker. You can make a misclick even if you are a poker legend, and this is what happened to Phil Ivey. The guy took part in a bracelet event at the WSOPE 2019 and made a misclick with J-6 in the hand against Mikita Badziakouski.   

Badziakouski raised pre-flop with K-10, and Ivey was going to call while having a quite weak starting hand (J-6). Imagine his surprise when he accidentally bet 2 900 000, instead of 425 000. 

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Ivey was staring at the chips for a while, and then the guy realized that he made a misclik. After that, the fun began. According to Phil’s reaction, Badziakouski understood that his opponent made such a big bet by mistake, but what if this move had been a part of Ivey’s strategy?

Mikita could make the American go all-in, and most likely, Phil would have folded J-6, but the Belarusian did not know his opponent’s cards, therefore he needed some time for thinking. Watch the video to know how this crazy hand ended:

How would you play in Badziakouski’s place?

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