Physics laws in Poker

Hi there! How r u? 

All poker players know about statistics and dispersion which are mathematic therms. There are many articles about the calculations, percentage and what not. 

I'm a teacher of Physical Chemistry and this day i was thinking about poker from the side of Physics😵😵😵. 

So... From school course all of as know that life is based on main Physics laws. We are not able to change them. These are rules of living. Like.... Like an apple will fall down from a tree-nothing to do with this😉😉😉. 

I'll try to apply some laws of Thermodynamics to Poker and interpritate them to you))). 

The first law of Thermodynamics


There are existing a lot of definitions of the I law of Thermodynamics. 

But the main idea that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. 

In my opinion this is suitable to poker. If a poker player is not working in improving of his skills, is not spending his energy in the direction of poker knowledge he will not get a proper result. A spontaneous winning will stay a single one and only a profy will win regularly. The more you give the more you get. 

Hess law


A very interesting picture, isn't it? 

Don’t be scared, I'll explain🤗🤗🤗. 

According to Hess law, heat effect of the reaction does not depend on the pathway, it is determined by initial and final state of the system. 

So, as for poker winners...

Initial state-is the initial amount of chip in the beginning of a tournament;

Final state-the first place in the end of a tournament;

It does not matter how many all-ins and key hands he has won. 

He is the winner... No more words) 

Hope you enjoyed a post like this. What do you think of my ideas? Maybe you have your own thoughts? 

Sinecerely Yours, Yulia 🙃🙃😽

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