Players exposed a poker bot farm winning $3 500 000

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Bots and multi-accounting have always been the enemies of online poker players.

Late in June, a reporter Hayden Vernon recounted a story about how he won a tournament by the aid of a poker bot at Bet365 poker room.

However, that story might seem a minor thing compared to the recent uncovering of a large poker bot network, which involved over a hundred fake accounts in various poker rooms.

One of the popular English-speaking poker forums featured data, according to which the poker bot farm has won over $3 million in 50 poker rooms. It’s worth noting that the bots received about $675 000 of the stated amount as rakeback.

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The hardest-hit platforms were poker rooms of the Chico network, including Tiger Gaming. The poker bots played approximately 60 000 sessions at medium and low limits.

According to initial reports, the list of fake users doesn’t include accounts of such poker rooms as PartyPoker, GGPoker, and PokerStars. This is not surprising, since the management of these rooms devotes a lot of time and resources to blocking bot users.

The forum users reported that the bot farm hired people, "buying" their data (passport number, registration, etc.). The cheaters installed all the necessary equipment on the "hired" users’ PCs and then, those users made a deposit, went through verification, and played poker using bots.

Some concerned players provided all this data to poker rooms so that the fake accounts are currently being blocked. Also, the rooms are going to pay compensation to affected players.

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