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Not just European, I regard myself as a man of the world.  The pandemic has highlighted the stark divisions in our world and hopefully we can use this time to come together.  While at the same time as continuing to play Poker, I’ve been living abroad for the past year now even in the middle of these unprecedented times.  Living and working abroad is a dream come true for me and even more so playing No Limit hold’em as well as writing about it is truly amazing.


But when I return, the Uk will be a different place I think.’s best to stay positive and look for the bright things in life!

I’d say I’m living my perfect life except for one thing...I will not be able to dedicate the time I want to playing Poker because my body won’t allow it!  I have found it difficult during the restricted social periods due to lockdowns or semi-lockdowns to be sitting down so much for zoom meetings and playing poker this year.  I have paid the price physically and my body is basically telling me to get up, exercise and get moving!  No more time for sitting around.

So this means that in the New Year my playing time will be reduced and will have to be limited each month, so I will have to make the time I play count even more, and some of the concepts I’ve learnt from the otherwise old school Poker book from 1977 I’ve been reading ‘Advanced Concepts of Poker’ will come in to play.

Book review:

In a strange sort of way, the book provides a very useful and informative set of ideas that are like pearls of wisdom. The way it is written is almost on the verge of comical given how seriously it is written, but I think that was the general style of writing at that time.  This was written during a time way before the internet came around and the world was a different place once again.  Of course today It is changing quicker by the decade. It is interesting to read a text that predates the internet poker, and also I think it’s important to look at history, to review the source and to learn where this game we love came from, as it is all connected. 

This book was written around the time Poker started becoming more widespread and popular due to the emergence of the World Series of Poker, so I wonder how big an impact it had on aspiring young poker players at the rime.  This was a revolutionary period in poker from its ‘initial roots that go back a 1000 years crossing several continents and cultures’ according to

I loved the section where the author compares quotes from other poker books from the same period and compares it to more appropriate attitudes to playing Poker.


Let me give you some examples;

  • Elements of poker success are good luck, good cards, cheek, good temper and patience.  Whereas, Advanced Poker Concepts says; “good luck and good cards have no bearing on Poker success...all pokers players eventually get the same luck and cards.”
  • Playing Poker without money is really an intellectual and scientific game.  Playing poker with money becomes mere gambling.  While Advanced Poker Concepts says; “Poker is a game of money management, not a card game.”  Completely agree with this!!

There are many more contrasting comments made like this one.  Overall I found the book interesting, and I think would have been revolutionary for its time.  Of course play has changed dramatically with the internet, but still I think some of the ideas and techniques shared can still be made use of.  

Book score: 7/10

I tried this method of reading old school books, but I think from now on I will still with reading more modern day books as they are more relevant to the internet era!

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I have been playing poker for about 15 years. I play online currently and I've played poker in casinos, card rooms, local games and with friends. I play NL hold'em tournaments and cash games and can also play Pot Limit Omaha, a game I also love.
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Correct answers will be given in the next post. 3 points for a correct answer :)

you know how to make you wait))

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What's happening in the UK now? I hope there is no panic.

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