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Cardmates presents you a poker library, which contains the most popular books about poker. You can download them in a convenient format for you, read online, and even listen to some books in professional voice acting.

Poker is not cycling, where it is enough learning the basics once and you can move on just by continuing to “pedal” on your own. In order to be successful in poker, you need to constantly develop, work on yourself and your game, learn new techniques and strategies. This is where poker books can help you.

In our library you will find many useful and interesting books that can serve as a poker self-learning manual or become some kind of a guide for the development and improvement of the game. Here you can read and download:

  • poker training books;
  • books on Texas Hold'em (limit and no limit);
  • literature on Omaha and other types of poker;
  • books on online poker and live games;
  • manuals on mathematics and psychology of poker;
  • books on MTT tournaments, cash games and game strategies in SNG-tournaments.
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How to download poker books?

Almost all the poker books we offer can be downloaded for free. To do this, simply go to the book page and click the download button next to the format you need.

Here you will find poker books in pdf, fb2, doc format.

Unfortunately, not all materials are freely available. We do not sell poker books, but we give links to free fragments (if any) and the official sale pages.

How to choose the best poker book

It is difficult to say what is the best poker book – it is an individual question for everyone. Some players prefer to read poker literature gurus such as Branson, Harrington and Sklansky, some look for help in newer books, such as Williams's “Crushing the microstakes” or Jones's "Crushing Online Sit and Go's", and some players could look on the game in a different way and significantly improve the results thanks to advice of books on poker math and psychology.

Read our short reviews about each book, consult with colleagues, check the forums and select the best poker books that are easy to download and add to your personal online library.

What book is the best for a start of learning?

When choosing a book, pay attention first of all to what your current level of the game is. We have poker literature for both beginners and advanced players. Then select the discipline and type of game that suits you. For example, no-limit hold'em for microlimits, secrets of pot-limit Omaha, a book on tournament poker or poker math for beginners.

This information is listed in the "discipline" and "section" columns of each book.

You can easily find a book to your taste. However, we have some general recommendations:

  • if you are just learning the basics, you can read Sklansky, "Little green book" or "Harrington on Hold'em", the relevance of which has not disappeared over the years;
  • for beginner-level Hold'em cash players, we recommend "Crushing the microstakes" of Nathan Williams, who personally proved that you can earn large sums at low limits, and “Poker math made easy” by Roy Rounder, charts from which have long been roaming the Internet;
  • Do you feel problems with tilt and hardly combine poker and life? Read "Poker: Mind Games" by Tendler and Steffen's "Peak Performance";
  • for a detailed study of poker mathematics, pay attention to "Let there be range" by Nguyen and South, as well as the "Open Encyclopedia of poker" by Bolonin;
  • 14-volume edition of Jonathan Little "Secrets of professional tournament poker" (2 theoretical parts and 12 practical ones) will suit tournament players.

You can download these poker books or read them online. There is also a lot of other useful literature in our library.

How often does our library update?

We try to keep our finger on the pulse and follow the updating of the poker books world. You will find the most popular literature here.

We regularly update the list of poker books, monitor the appearance of new publications in the network, pay attention to the feedback and wishes of readers, publish on the website collections and recommendations of professionals regarding poker literature.

We recommend visiting our library at least once a month to check for new material.

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