Alan Schoonmaker "Your Worst Poker Enemy"

Alan Schoonmaker "Your Worst Poker Enemy"

Original name: "Your Worst Poker Enemy: Master the Mental Game"

Author: Alan Schoonmaker

Year: 2007

Language: English

Section: Books about poker psychology

Disciplines: all

Once outstanding poker player Stu Unger said: “You are your own worst enemy at the table.” This phrase opens the book «Your Worst Poker Enemy” by Schoonmaker and becomes its slogan. Doctor of Psychology develops the idea that the player often creates more problems for himself than his opponents. He tries to teach the readers how to prevent such situations and to play for your own benefit.

Do you play hands that should be folded? Do you go too far from time to time by hoping for luck, while knowing that you call beyond the odds? Do you try to revenge and realize that you are far from the best shape? Does anger and aggression sometimes influence on your decisions?

If you positively answered at least one or several above-mentioned questions - don't be upset! The book «Your Worst Poker Enemy” shows how to reap all the benefits of your accumulated poker knowledge and helps to identify and stop psychological mistakes.

This book should be in the player’s library. It considers the important moments that may be hardly found in other poker books, for example:

  • The usage of intuition against the logic;
  • Estimation of your position and opponents’ level;
  • Understanding of influence of mind and emotional factors
  • Ability to adjust to changes;
  • Ability to cope with stress;

Experienced poker psychologist will help you to find out the destructive psychological factors which distort the perception of yourself, other poker players and the game itself by slowing down you in getting better poker results which you can achieve.

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A little about author:

Alan Schoonmaker is a doctor of Psychology and now he lives in Las Vegas. He has several books about psychology, including the books that are devoted to poker. Previously, he taught at various universities and wrote a column in a famous poker resource.

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DjNANA user
User's aura DjNANA 259

The psychological preparation of the player is always important.

human greed  - is the worst enemy!

Kaban-niks user
User's aura Kaban-niks 213

An interesting book, but a lot of unnecessary information.

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