Harrington on Hold'em III

Harrington on Hold'em III

Original name: Harrington on Hold'em: Volume III: The Workbook

Author: Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie

Year: 2006

Language: English

Section: Books about texas holdem

Disciplines: no limit Hold’em

Harrington’s third and final volume on tournament poker was released in 2006. The poker player, in collaboration with Bill Robertie, presented information about the game in poker tournaments of no-limit hold'em in three books, which were published one after another over the course of three years (from 2004 to 2006). First two editions are mostly theoretical, although the authors tried to fill the books with examples for clarity and better comprehension of the material. The third volume “Harrington about Poker” may be called a practical part, which will allow you to check the material learned in the two previous volumes.

The book describes 50 real situations that occurred at the game table in different tournaments, both between popular players and unknown persons, who are named as “player A”, “player B”, etc.

In fact, this is a collection of about fifty poker problems in which you describe the situation at the table and suggest you make a move (several moves). Then its real outcome is shown, which is not always optimal, and analysis of the distribution is carried out and its correct solution is the most effective for the player, whose role in the conditions of the problem the author suggests you to play.

Read «Harrington on Hold'em 3: The Workbook» by downloading it in Doc format on our website, or purchase the book on Amazon.

If you consider yourself an experienced player, you can test your skills and knowledge by going straight to the third book. But, as soon as you feel that the solution of problems is difficult for you, it is worthwhile to suspend the study of volume 3 and still devote time to the previous two books. All three volumes of the «Harrington on Hold'em» are located in the Cardmates library.

A bit about the authors:

Dan Harrington is a well-known professional in the poker community, whose name was added to the Poker Hall of Fame. He earned over $6 600 000 in live events and it’s not yet known, how much he plays cash games. Bill Robertie, who also plays poker, has helped to write a series of books about poker, but is better known as a player and author of backgammon and chess books.

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