Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume I

Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume I

Original name: Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume I

Author: Ed Miller, Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta

Year: 2008

Language: English

Section: Books for experienced players

Disciplines: no limit Hold’em

Three poker players have teamed up to write a book about professional no-limit hold'em game. Its essence can be briefly described in three words: "plan your game." The authors tell us how professionals think and play; they also share tools and tricks for a profitable game in NL Hold'em. They claim that the book will teach readers how to earn money by playing, and it is suitable for all limits of no-limit hold'em in both live games and online.

The book «Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume I» is quite voluminous and contains a lot of useful information.

Read Miller, Flynn and Mehta's «Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume I» by purchasing the book on Amazon.

A bit about the authors:

The book «Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume I» was written by three poker players (in co-authorship). Together, they published the second book «Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em» in 2009. Ed Miller has written 8 poker books, Sunny Mehta is an ex-professional player and a coach who has now retired from poker and is engaged in hockey analytics, and Matt Flynn is a mathematician and a dermatologist by training, but this does not prevent him from playing unlimited Hold'em successfully on a professional level in parallel with the main work.

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Kaban-niks user
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I saw this book from a friend and after reading it was satisfied.

Oliver user

It's a good poker book which helped me so much! I advised it all my friends and recommend you too. 

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