Super System: A Course in Power

Super System: A Course in Power

Original name: Super System: A Course in Power

Author: Doyle Brunson

Year: 1987

Language: English

Section: Books for beginners

Disciplines: limit and no-limit Hold’em, other types of poker

Trends in the poker world are pretty fleeting, therefore videos and articles created a year ago may be no longer relevant… what to speak of a book, written around 40 years ago? But Doyle Brunson’s «Super System» is one of those books that newbies should read.   

The book outlines basics of poker, strategies and tricks, some of which will be always relevant, and it also represents the game features and life of poker players based on their own experience and experience of Doyle’s comrades.

In addition to poker components, the book includes autobiographical story of the legendary Brunson. Due to this fact, it is easy to read.

«Super System» is one of the first books on poker. Among the people it is called «Poker Bible».

Initially, the book should have been called «How I Made Over $1 000 000 Playing Poker», but as a result, the title was changed. A second part of the book «Super System 2» was released in 2004.

Read Doyle Brunson’s «Super System» by downloading the book in PDF or Doc format, or purchase the book on Amazon.

A note: in addition to Hold’em, the «Super System» describes game rules and features of other types of poker. If you are not interested in this topic, you can skip theoretical sections about the rules of 7-card stud, draw poker, etc.

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Kaban-niks user
User's aura Kaban-niks 213

Poker classic. One of my favorite books, I've read it many times...

queen9 user

Real poker classic! Many poker professionals call this book their favorite. And such a book in a beautiful edition will be a great gift for any player.

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