Underground Poker NYC

Underground Poker NYC

Year / Countries: 2012 / USA

Genres: documentary

Directors: Scott Weinberger

Cast: Michael Imperioli (main narrator), Mickey Tats (Organizer of underground card games)

Kinopoisk rating: -

IMDb rating: -

Poker is not just a gambling game, it is also an intellectual game that is eligible for being a sport. Tens of thousands of people chose poker as a profession, they devote to it most part of their time, they learn and improve  their skills and as a result they consistently earn money by means of playing.

Another two dozen of people perceive poker as a hobby and play from time to time in casinos or online poker rooms. In most cases, it's all legal or at least it is not prohibited by the law. But there is another side of poker – it is underground one.

In New York alone there are dozens of illegal poker clubs. They were mentioned in many feature films, but this world was never captured from the inside ... until 2012. This year the National Geographic Channel filmed a documentary about underground poker in New York.

For the first time the cameras caught everything as it was in really. It shows how the game is organized and carried out in the underground poker clubs, how the new players get there, how the game is conducted and what atmosphere prevails at the table. Real organizers and players told about the competition and earnings in the illegal casinos.

The decision to film National Geographic about poker brought our world another great documentary. It is the first movie shown at TV about illegal gambling as it is in reality.

The film "Underground Poker NYC" gives everyone the opportunity to plunge into the real world of illegal poker, to see the particularities of the game and to know better its immediate heroes.

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Reviews (3)
DjNANA user
User's aura DjNANA 259

" NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC " - always fun to watch! Thank you. poker in the usa is a good topic of conversation.

AgroBet user
User's aura AgroBet 35

Documentary film. Can be viewed if you are a fan of this genre.

oddman user

Not the best poker-relayed documentary but it's worth watching it. Some episodes were really impressive!

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