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Poker inspires #5.

Hi, guys! 😀 

Today I played a Side Event: Bounty Hunters Malta $52.50 on GG poker

Shoved 10 bb all in. The fish called from sb with K9o on half of his stack. So nice flop and so dirty river .. 😞

Used a ticket that I won yesterday.

No luck and I lost 😐 

Last hand

Deep run in the bounty for $ 22

Opp had a KJ and I lost some of the stack.

Last hand

Very disappointed 😞

My current balance at GG

Profit: +71$

That's all for today 🙂

Good luck at the tables and see you soon!

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Maroonfish user
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A lot of Poker! And a healthy profit 😀

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Vetal user
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Profit: +71$


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