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Poker inspires #6. Poker player during streak

Hi, guys! 👋

Today was a sick session 😬 

I lost a lot of energy and I was very tired 😩 

Poker is cruel  🥺

Sunday Hyper $10

Bounty Hunters Malta $52.50

Bounty Hunters Speed Racer $21

Bounty Hunters Special $10.50

Won pot with Q-high 😏 

I lost all tournaments without getting into the prizes 😟

lost a very important pot at the end of the tournament. Went All-in with SB vs. BB with a better hand

Last hand. Worst hand again won at showdown

Only 16th place 🥺 

The player who beat me on bb won the tournament and received $ 2000

My current balance at GG

Lost: 47$ 🥺 

In Tiger everything is also bad 🙁

Good situation, but I lost here

What a morons donk 5,5х of the pot. Lol. 

He slowplay KK preflop. But runner runner. GG, no comments 

Neхt hand with him, lol

One ITM in a tournament with 1000 players, lol

My current balance at Tiger

Lost: 101$ today and 90$ yesterday 🥺 

That's all for today

Which one are you taking? 😋

Write in the comments

Some relaxing music 😊 

Good luck at the tables and see you soon!

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Maroonfish user
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Red: be rich :) who cares about reading minds when you're rich 😀 

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Vetal user
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GG, no comments

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