Poker players’ favorite pulled out of the presidential race

Andrew Yang

Following the events of Black Friday, when online poker was banned in the USA, the politicians were divided in their views towards returning online poker to the United States.

Republicans argue that the rules for regulating gambling activities in the country should be tightened. Democrats, in turn, believe that it is necessary to legalize online poker and gambling as a whole as soon as possible, because this will help fill in the holes in the budget. For example, the newly elected governor of Kentucky is already lobbying the draft law to legalize gambling within the state.

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Obviously, the US Democratic candidate Andrew Yang received strong support from the poker community. In the election campaign, he repeatedly stated that the ban on online poker in the country is a huge mistake, which has to be fixed in the shortest possible time.

Thus, the legendary poker professional Daniel Negreanu organized a poker tournament to express his support to this candidate. Another famous player and poker blogger Joe Ingram even invited Andrew Yang to an interview to endorse the guy.

The other day, Yang said that he was leaving the presidential race according to the results of primaries (primary elections). Then, Andrew thanked everyone who supported him throughout the campaign by writing the following post on his Twitter:

Daniel Negreanu immediately reacted to the tweet and wrote that it was only the beginning of a long battle:

The issue of legalization of online poker in the USA has been actively discussed among the American political elite therefore it is likely that very soon other politicians will also raise this topic in order to get the support and votes of the American poker community.

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