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Poker Secrets 2: Pre flop Strategy in loose NL Hold'em games (Sklansky & Malmuth)

As the ship steadies in the fast moving waters of Pokerstars I feel Sklansky & Malmuth's recommendations in Small Stakes Hold'em how to crush micro stakes games has been invaluable for helping me to keep my head above water.  

Although I am not in profit this first month playing on the Pokerstars platform, I am proud of myself for breaking even in games that can be a mixture of tight and very loose.  Sometimes there are those players who out of nowhere slowplay a big hand like AA, KK, or QQs and suddenly check raise all in.  This can leave one a little more cautious overall and therefore I can conclude players on Pokerstars can be a little unpredictable.

Still, this is poker, it is a game of people and wide range of personalities after all.  And yet the concepts shared by the foresaid writers are really invaluable when it comes to playing and in my opinion on the right part accurate.  They do mention that their advice is not the rule because there are so many subtleties that happen in poker and if you can take the advice with an open Mind, trust the process and don't get upset if you lose or if something doesn't work one time, then you'll be alright.  I'm still alright.


It will take time, persistence and perseverance (like anything in life) but I know I can make a good profit on Pokerstars.  I've just got to stay more consistent, focused, cautious and keep learning.  My plan is for every hour poker played I will dedicate Ann hour to reading and learning about the game.


Loose games

6-8 players on average to the flop.

EP (early position)

If there is no raise 

Play: Any pocket pair, AKs - A2s, KQs - K9s, QJs - Q9s, T9s - 98s, AK - AT and KQ - KJ

Raise: AA-99, AKs - ATs, KQs - KJs, AK-AJ and KQ 

Against a raise

Play: Any pocket pair, AKs-ATs, KQs-KTs, QJs, and AK-AQ

Reraise: AA-99, AKs-AQs and AK-AQ

Against a raise and a re raise: 

Play: AA-TT and AKs-AJs, KQs and AK

Raise: AA- QQ and AKs


MP (middle position, three seats to the left of early position)

If there is no raise

Play: and hands that you would normally play from early position

Raise: Same hands that you would raise from early position

Against a raise

Same guidelines that you would use from early position against a raise

Against a raise and a re raise

Play: AA-TT and AKs - AJs, KQs, and AK

Reraise: AA-QQ and AKs


Late position (one off the button and the button)

If there is no raise

Play: Same hands that you would play from middle position plus K8s-K2s, Q8s, J8s, J7s, 87s-53s, and any two offsuit cards ten or higher

Raise: AA-88, any two suited cards ten or higher, A9s-A8s, K9s, AK-AJ and KQ

If at least four people have entered the pot in front of you

Against a raise

Play: Any pocket pair, any two suited cards ten or higher, any suited ace (A9s-A2s) and T9s-76s, also AK and AQ

Reraise: AA-TT, AKs-AJs, KQs and AK

Against a raise and a re raise

Play: AA-TT, AKs-AJs, KQs, and AK

Reraise: AA-QQ and AKs

Thank you for reading all.  Hope you find this second part useful and you can apply it to your game to create winning ways.  I basically fold all non suited ace cards like A8-A2 these days! Seldom I call with these hands.  I try to stick to the theory.  Hope you will try it and it works for you. Good luck all.

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