Heads-up battle between Negreanu and Polk

On 1 November, heads-up battle between Daniel Negreanu and Douglas Polk starts. Negreanu and Polk are not exactly friends and their confrontation story began several years ago. At that time, Daniel didn’t recommend people Douglas' Upswing Poker training course.  

After that, several more conflicts arose, which led to a real enmity. The only thing they didn’t find out was the level of their game strength. This issue will be resolved in a heads-up battle, according to which the opponents will play 25 000 hands.

Negreanu and Polk agreed on the following terms:

  • Match will be played at two tables at $200/ $400 limits.
  • The players have opportunity to stop the match after 12 500 hands and increase the bets after 12 500 hands.
  • Starting stacks of participants consists of 100 BB.

In this storyline, you will find all the latest news related to the battle between Negreanu and Polk. After the playing of 25 000 hand, you will also find out the name of the winner.