Poker??? What's that???

Hi!!! How r u? 

Sorry for being silent for so long... Many thoughts by no words🤪🤪🤪

I'll try my best again... And again 😃😃😃

Today wanna talk about the appearance of poker in your life. How did you found out what's a poker? Who was your teacher. Meaning the first one. How did you realise that its your destiny🤗🤗

I'm wondering was it a love at first sight? 

Or you've needed thousand hours of playing to recognise the beauty of the game... The smell of new card... The sound of cheaps.... 

I wasn't playing poker until 20.... I've heard about the game but thought its like a casino like Black Jack... So didn't even try to focus on it. 

But once I've met a handsome men)))) who was in love with poker... Fooball... Tenis.... And what not.. 

So he explained me the rules. Just simple one, the combinations and about the bluff-the best thing in offline poker))). After I've watched several movies about poker and understood that this game, the tournament, the pokerhand- its a short life that can stay in your memory forever.. 

Hope you also have your personal plesant story of the introduction to Poker! 


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first impression, you can't make money playing poker.

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