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GGPoker room, as well as the entire GGNetwork, does not allow using third-party tools and any supportive software at its tables. But if you are used to maintaining statistics of your play, then GGPoker offers you a special PokerCraft app, with the help of which you can easily track your play history.

PokerCraft is a stat tracking app that is embedded into the game client. Any GGPoker player who has created an account in the poker room is able to access this application and track his/her game statistics absolutely free of charge.

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With the help of PokerCraft, you can analyze, filter and replay any of your hands played at GGPoker tables, regardless of amount of time you spent for playing. Once you’ve complete a hand, it is sent directly to the PokerCraft database, which means that it’s possible to use this information later for improving your own game.

It’s worth noting that the app can be used in the desktop client and in the mobile version of the poker room as well.

How to find PokerCraft tab at GGPoker

  1. In order to view your play statistics at GGPoker, you have to log into the poker room’s client and select the PokerCraft tab.PokerCraft from GGPoker
  2. After clicking on the tab, a browser page will open in front of you. There you can check your personal statistics in the GGPoker room.

PokerCraft features

PokerCraft has many interesting tabs with features, which will be easy in use even to poker newbies. Let’s consider some of them.

PokerCraft Timeline

This tab shows the history of important moments, which you’ve faced during the recent sessions. The players can use a filter in order to view the posts they have made, sessions they’ve played, missions they’ve complete, etc.

Player Stats & Notes Tab

If you want to check statistics of certain players, then the Player Stats & Notes tab will come in handy. Simply type a nickname in the search box and the program will display the data. Here you can also write and edit your notes on opponents.


Game Tab (different disciplines)

It serves to track the consolidated statistics on games you played in the chosen discipline, based on luck, best and worst hands, your play style, etc.

pokercraft at ggpoker

Game History Tab

With the help of this feature, GGPoker users are able to view each hand from the desired sessions (complete ones) in details. Thus, you can analyze, as well as export the hands you want to review.

pokercraft at ggpoker

Win/Loss Tab

If you want to know how much you’ve earned and lost over the whole passage of time, then this tab will be useful to you. It also displays the EV according to the hands played in the room.

PokerCraft tracking tool

Hole Cards Tab

Here players can find all potential combinations presented in the form of matrix, as well as information on their total net profits for each hand (pocket cards) they acted with.

GGPoker 2020

Position Tab

With this tab, you may be aware of the net income you get from every seat (position) at the game table. It’s very useful feature as, GGPoker players can find out which position brings them the best results, meaning the users play stronger, seating exactly on those places.

PokerCraft features

Opponents Tab

The poker room’s users have the opportunity to view their net profits vs particular rivals in the selected game sessions. The bars colored in green show your income, and the red ones – display loss.

PokerCraft features

Hand Moments Tab

It often happens that the poker session may be really fun and full of exciting moments. You can save them thanks to the Hand Moments feature and even upload the image of the selected hand (the one you've finished) to social networks.

PokerCraft from GGPoker

If you don’t have an account at GGPoker yet, then create it right now, play real money poker in the room and test the PokerCraft tool to improve your game and move to higher levels.


How is PokerCraft different from the third-party software?

You don’t need to install PokerCraft and register in the app to analyze your play, as it’s already embedded in the game client. Also, this program fails to provide GGPoker users with HUD during the gameplay.

Does PokerCraft record the disconnected sessions?

The app records the whole play, meaning the players will be able to determine when they got disconnected. This is a very useful feature, since such information may help solve some issues related to your play when contacting the support service of the room (if there is a need for it).

Are the non-showdown hands included in the EV graph?

No, the non-showdown hands are not included in the EV graph in PokerCraft, as the EV is calculated only if players reach the final stage – showdown.

Is rake displayed in PokerCraft?

No, rake is not taken into account during the calculations made in PokerCraft.

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