Poker rooms with converter support

Most poker rooms have recently been actively banning any third-party software. However, there are real money poker sites that allow using special converters.

Converters are the programs that collect your hand history and load it into the software such as Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager in real time.

Thanks to converters, you can use some poker software in those top poker sites where it is prohibited.

Category "A"
reliable and authoritative poker rooms that have established themselves in the market long ago.
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Category "B"
these rooms compensate for their little disadvantages with the profitable bonuses and weak field.
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Category "C"
new poker rooms that strive to attract players with the help of profitable bonuses.
Tiger Gaming
Chico Poker Network
Logo 100% bonus for the first deposit
100% bonus for the first deposit
No information
First deposit bonus
100% from $50 on request
8/10Players 7/10Soft 8/10Reliability 8/10Reviews 7/10Bonuses
Category "D"
rooms-cheaters and closed rooms. cardmates doesn’t recommend you to play on the sites of this category
Nothing was found

More and more poker rooms prohibit any kind of auxiliary software. However, in some poker websites, bans can be circumvented thanks to converters.