PokerStars All-in Cash Out: everything you need to know about the new poker room feature

PokerStars All-in Cash Out 2019

Recently, PokerStars introduced a new feature called All-in Cash Out.

When at PokerStars cash games, a cashout is available for players directly during the all-in. This reduces the risk of losing and allows players to get financial value for their equity.

How does All-in Cash Out work at PokerStars?

When a player is all-in, he will be offered the amount of All-in Cash Out, depending on the player’s equity at the moment, taking into account only open cards. The function is available before the river and only on condition that the player has at least some chance of winning, but not 100%.

  • If a player rejects Cash Out, the hand will take place as usual and in case of victory, he will take the whole pot for himself.
  • If a player chooses Cash Out, he will immediately receive the amount offered by the room to his stack, but will not be able to claim the pot in case of a win. In such a situation, the hand will be played out as usual, but the player who received the cash will no longer have the right to win the pot. If the hand of the player who selected Cash Out wins, the bank will go to PokerStars. If he loses, then the opponent will get the pot, as in the usual hand.
  • If both players choose the Cash Out option, they will be credited with the corresponding Cash Out amounts to their stacks, and at the end of the deal the pot will go to PokerStars, regardless of the hand’s result.
  • If no player chooses Cash Out, the hand will continue in the usual way.

The new PokerStars feature is only available at micro limits ($0.01/$0.02, $0.02/$0.05, $0.05/$0.10) in cash-games No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and 6+ Hold'em.

Zoom tables do not have this option.

The function is not available when playing for play money, only for games for real money, for which you need to download PokerStars with Cashier and casino.

If, suddenly, you do not like this feature and you want to disable it, you can do this in the "Settings" menu of the PokerStars client. Just turn off the All-in Cash Out function and you will no longer be offered to make a cashout during the all-in. For your opponents nothing will change.

You can find answers to other popular questions about PokerStars All-in Cash Out in the FAQ section below. If you still have additional questions – write them in the comments, and we will try to answer you.

How is the amount of All-in Cash Out calculated?
The Cash Out option does not affect the outcome of the hand. The value of each player’s hand is calculated based on the probability that their cards will win the pot. In this case, only cards on the board and all-in players' cards (i.e. visible cards) are taken into account. Dead cards are not counted.
What is the size of the PokerStars fee when offering the Cash Out amount?
The poker room charges a commission of 1% of the value of your hand (and not of the entire pot). If the amount of the commission is less than $0,01, then it is not charged.
Can players still use the Run It Twice (RIT) feature?
Yes. The RIT function can be activated, as usual, if both players have not selected Cash Out. In this case, the board will open twice. If one of the players chooses a cashout, then his opponent will play one time against the room. This allows to simplify the process and speed up the game.
Is there any conflict of interest between PokerStars and the players?
Representatives of the poker room claim that PokerStars earns only due to the fee of 1% that they charge. The pot, which they withdraw in case of winning of a player who has chosen cash out, does not bring them profit. Since the number of won and lost banks will be balanced in accordance with EV, in this regard, PokerStars will "break even". PokerStars also assures that the poker room does not in any way manipulate the cards.
Why was this feature introduced?
All-in Cash Out is a kind of advanced version of Run It Twice, which does not require the consent of both players. PokerStars explains the introduction of this function as a reaction to what has been happening in live cash games for many years. The new feature allows players to reduce their variance and guarantee them pot share in difficult situations.
Does All-In Cash Out work in PokerStars tournaments?
No, PokerStars representatives say that they currently have no plans to use this feature for tournaments.
How to activate/turn off All-In Cash Out feature?

Players can activate/turn off All-In Cash Out feature in Pokerstars client: Settings -> Gameplay -> All-In Cash Out.

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