PokerStars "Football fever" for Euro 2020

PokerStars "Football fever" promotion

​As it is known, Euro 2020 is taking place this year due to last year's quarantine restrictions. For this event, PokerStars has launched the “Football Fever” promotion.

To take part in this promo, you should play at PokerStars for real money from 7 to 24 June and complete the progress bar in Stars Rewards. 

Please note, you should register in the promo in the "Challenges" section for participation.

Gradually completing the progress bar, you will get access to the gifts under the flags of countries that participate in the football championship.

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You will be able to open gifts from the specific countries only after this team leaves the qualifying stage. The prize money depends on the team's place and your Stars Rewards level.

In total, 24 gifts are available in the promo that correspond to the number of countries participating in Euro 2020 (2021). They are divided into 4 different categories:

CategoryCountries in categories
FavouritesEngland, Portugal, Belgium, France
StrongHolland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Germany
MiddleUkraine, Austria, Russia, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey
WeakHungary, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Wales, Scotland, Finland, Sweden

If a country is eliminated prior to the end of qualifying stage, then you will be able to receive prize money from each gift (from $0.50 to $25 000). This depends on the prize probability and your progress bar.

You can find more details about prize probabilities and the amount of payments in the poker room lobby in the section of this promotion. To do this, you should click on the selected country in the promotion window.

PokerStars "Football fever" promo

If the team is eliminated after the qualifying stage or in the 1/8 final of the championship, then you will receive a ticket to raffling of prize in the amount of $40 000 instead of a gift. This raffle will take place on 5 July at 14:00 UTC.  

The promo runs from 7 June (13:00 UTC) and it will last until 24 June (03:59 UTC). You can only receive 1 gift from country per day. If you have more than one gift from a country that has passed qualifying stage, then you will get 1 ticket for the raffle of $40 000 for each of these countries.

The prize format depends on the game you play more often at PokerStars. These can be casino free spins, Stars Coin, tournament tickets, sports betting or cash payments. The bonuses need to be wagered, so you won't be able to withdraw the prize money that easy.

Important: the gifts are available for another 7 days from the date of accrual.

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