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There are many programs which are used by the players on PokerStars. Some of them are even forbidden, but today we will talk about the "simplest" program, or rather "hot keys" function. It is available to everyone who knows how to play for money on PokerStars.

This option was created in order to facilitate and simplify the every minute actions of the player during the play. This becomes especially relevant during the play in MTT mode at the several tables simultaneously.  

Each of the players on PokerStars can adjust for himself a convenient combination of hot keys and he will fold, call, raise, etc. with their help.  

Instruction on PokerStars hot keys setting

In order to set up the hotkeys in PokerStars lobby, you need to go to "Settings" section. Click on the tab "Hotkeys settings" in it and select the convenient options for yourself:  

If you are engaged in multi-tabling on PokerStars, then you can enable or disable the hotkeys function for each table separately. You can also change the color scheme, which will act as the table highlight on which the hot keys are active.  

PokerStars embed hot keys

For the users ‘convenience, there are a number of hotkeys on PokerStars which are immediately available, even without their settings:

  • Find the player by his nickname – Ctrl + F.
  • Find PokerStars Pro – Ctrl + P.
  • Find an event by the number – Ctrl + T.
  • Find an event in which you are registered – Ctrl + R.

What to do if hotkeys don’t operate

Sometimes, the hot keys which always functioned properly stop working. This happens for various reasons, but we prepared some tips for the solution of this problem:

  • Check whether hotkeys are active for the tables you play.
  • Disable prohibited third-party soft, which impedes PokerStars proper operation.
  • Run the program as administrator.
  • Reinstall the drivers of mouse or keyboard.
  • Reinstall PokerStars.

If these methods for solution the problem didn’t help you, then you need to contact PokerStars Support. Their team consists of experienced professionals who are always glad to help their customers. 

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