PokerStars introduced new app called Poker Dojo

Poker Dojo from pokerstars

World’s largest online poker resource PokerStars continues to expand their services to poker players, and in late May, they introduced an app for poker newbies who want to improve their knowledge of the game. This app is called Poker Dojo, and using it, one can learn essentials of poker game, for example, hand ranking or how to recognize strong hands.    

It is currently available for iOS and Android devices, and a web version will appear soon. For now, the app is only available to users from the USA and UK, therefore, if you are based in these countries, then you can test Poker Dojo.   

The app provides fun and easy games, playing which you’ll learn how to beat your opponents at the table, how to make profitable decisions, which combination is stronger, etc. Here are games that you can try in the Poker Dojo app:

Game 1: Grid Poker

In this game, one needs to select 5 cards to form a poker hand. Players have to collect the highest possible number of points for a limited period of time, and the stronger the hand you make, the more points you will receive. However, it’s worth selecting different hands, as their value will reduce if one chooses hands of the same kind.   

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Game 2: Strongest Hand

For making right decisions, a player will be awarded with bonus points. Here your task is to choose the strongest hand among three hands given or rate your hand in a common scenario. The system will give you 3 variants of hands at any stage of the game, and you have to select the one, which chances to win are the highest.

Game 3: All-in or Fold

In this mini-game, one has just two options, either go all-in or fold. If you aren’t confident enough that your hand is stronger than an unseen hand to go all-in with, then better fold your cards and wait for a better opportunity. If you are certain about your hand, then shove and increase your score. The more all-ins you win, the more points you gain. 

So, if you want to become a competent player, then Poker Dojo is a great choice to sharpen your poker skills. 

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