PokerTracker 4 review

Today we are going to tell you about PokerTracker 4 which is all-powerful soft for upgrading your poker skill. 

If you consider that somebody makes good reads on you during the game, then you can be sure that it is 100% that your opponent uses poker soft and his advantage over you is undeniable.

PokerTracker 4 description

In the essence, this poker program is an analogue and the main competitor of Holdem Manager 2. Its all functions are almost identical.

There are small differences that are not so important for those who have never used this soft.

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It is important! The program has an English interface. For the correct work, you should select the English language in the poker client settings.

Among the advantages over Holdem Manager 2, there is a possibility to set additional modules free of charge (in Holdem Manager 2 you should pay for it).

Supported games: cash games, MTT, Sit&GO, Spin&Go, fast poker (ZOOM, BOOST and etc.); No-Limit, Pot-Limit, Fixed-limit; Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Low.

We offer you to download the program with a free 30-day trial period. You should buy the license for further usage.

Poker Tracker 4 working principle

Poker Tracker 4 runs and starts working in parallel with your poker room. It imports the previously played hands, as well as hands during your game. The history of played hands is analyzed and the necessary information is displayed at the tables in accordance with the pre-configured HUD.

In addition to your played hands, you can also download the hands in which you didn’t participate (i.e. hands’ mining).

PokerTracker 4 functionalities:

  • Collecting, storage and analyses of all played hands;
  • Analyses of opponents’ play;
  • Statistics output on every player in a real-time mode;
  • Calculation of stacks;
  • A lot of statistics indicators.
  • The tables of game results;
  • Additional modules with irreplaceable functionalities;

And many other things. Let's review in details some of PT4 functionalities.

  1. Improved HUD. In online mode, the hands’ review and their marking is available. During the game, the chip account in the big blinds is displayed and you can filter the effective stacks in tournaments, choose between the statistics of separate table and the general one. There are also a drag-n-drop HUD functionality that gives an opportunity to create the user's HUD (a set of statistical parameters, transparency, colors, etc.) a lot of faster than before. Furthermore, you can create your own pop-ups.

    PokerTracker 4

  2. Statistics. Here are many functions and several hundred of indicators. In addition to the given options, the player can create his own formula and even add it to HUD.
  3. Reports' creation. It is an excellent tool for making informative reports for each game situation. Any report can be configured and saved. By the way, the reports can be displayed both in the form of table and graphs.

    PokerTracker 4 function

  4. Filters. The report can be detailed with the help of a filter. For example, it can be sorted by the hands set from the database, by the players’ actions on the river, etc. To optimize the processes, “quick filters” are provided. The function is significantly improved compared to the previous version and filtering is simple and logical.

  5. Graphs. Poker Tracker 4 has many great and indispensable graphs. It is worth paying attention to Custom Scatter Graphs, which help to filter statistics by viewing the players from different points of view. Among the built-in graphs, there are also options for analyzing pot size, hand strength, statistics of losers and winners.

  6. Luck bell curve. Visualization will help to find out how often the player gets the necessary outs.

    Luck bell curve

Additional modules:

TableTracker. It is a service for choosing suitable tables. It helps to find the most profitable table and your win rate will gradually improve. TableTracker scans the available tables, shows the active ones, compares data from the global database with yours, shows statistics regarding each player at the table. You can use the rating system of table search by configuring it in your preferred way.


LeakTracker. It is a feature for the users who want to improve their play by eliminating their leaks. LeakTracker allows the cash players to effectively analyze databases by comparing the main parameters of their statistics with the most successful players.


NoteTracker. The module automatically records the notes on opponents, taking into account the pocket cards and board cards. Shaun Deeb helped to create the templates based on the theory of effective stacks.
However, you can configure this tool with a set of your own rules. For example, if it is important to know which hands your opponents call 3-bets with and how often they do it in position. The notes obtained in this way are available for viewing during the game.


ICM Quiz. This is an app for playing situations in which the chips’ value is determined by ICM. It is used by the tournament players to practice profitable decisions in the late stages of the game.

Equity calculator. This is a built-in tool of PT4 that can serve as a stand-alone calculator, or it can be filled automatically with poker hands through a Hand History Replayer. This calculator allows you to visualize hand equity or range against the other hands.

Equity calculator

ICM (Independent Chip Modeling). It is an analytical module and poker simulator. This is a tool for teaching MTT and SnG games that allows you to make error-free mathematical decisions and helps to calculate the optimum ratio of chip equity for a single-table tournament or final table.

Poker Tracker 4 price

If you like the free version, you can buy PokerTracker 4. The licensed version is available in several variants:

  • $59.99 – version with limits’ restrictions: NL up to $0.10/ $0.25, FL up to $0.25/ $0.50 and tournaments up to $11. Here you can choose one type of poker game: Hold'em or Omaha;
  • $99.99 – the version supports both Hold'em and Omaha. However, the same limit restrictions apply;
  • $99.99 – pro version without limit restrictions.
  • $159.99 – it supports both Omaha and Hold'em without limit restrictions.

PT 4 price

After the purchase, you will get a license code that can be activated on two computers. You can pay for the license through VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, Dicsover and American Express.

PT4 advantages and disadvantages   

  • Less load on system when PT4 is running;
  • Auxiliary modules are included in a standard PT4 package: NoteTracker, LeakTracker, ICM Calculator, ICM Quiz, Table Tracker;
  • Compatible with Mac OS;
  • Free period of use is 14 days;
  • Free updates;
  • License for two computers;
  • It supports almost all poker rooms.
  • Slow import of hands. The users who have several hundred thousand hands in their history usually face this problem when playing at 6-8 tables or more. However, this disadvantage can be eliminated by means of the system upgrade.

Players’ reviews for Poker Tracker 4 and professional opinion

Mostly, the players praise the PT4. They highlight such an advantage as an option of automatic notes that doesn’t require any payments. They also like the option to output stats in HUD, which is very important for HUSNG players.

Poker Tracker 4 isn’t very popular among recreational players, but those who play poker on a professional level find this tracking software worthy.

Professional opinion
Nathan "BlackRain79" WilliamsSuccessful poker player and coach

​«I have been using PokerTracker 4 since it was first released. The PokerTracker HUD allows you to get those crucial "reads" on your opponents that you need when you are playing online poker. This is especially important if you multi-table since there are just too many players to keep track of. The PokerTracker database though is really the most important and game changing part of the program for me and many other poker pros»

The American professional poker player Greg Merson also uses this tool:

Professional opinion
Greg Merson2012 WSOP Main Event Champion

​«I have always used PokerTracker»

In order to better understand the work of Poker Tracker 4, we offer you to watch the following video:

Poker rooms compatible with PT4

PT4 allows you to find and eliminate leaks (mistakes) in your game, as well as get the most out of your opponents’ mistakes.

Poker Tracker 4 supports almost all poker rooms that allow HUDs. Here is a list of poker networks and rooms that are compatible with PokerTracker 4 (both сash games and poker tournaments):


Poker Tracker 4 is allowed to be used on all PokerStars platforms: .COM, .EU, .IT, .FR, .UK, .SE, .BE, .BG, .EE, .ES, .DK and others.

Full Tilt Poker

In early 2016, Full Tilt became a skin of PokerStars, therefore you need to configure it as PokerStars in PT4.


In order to analyze the hands you played on PartyPoker, you should download your hand histories via MyGame. This feature allows the players to import their hand histories directly into PT4. However, you will not be able to view and analyze your rivals' gameplay data; it’s only possible to analyze your hands.

All hand histories are loaded anonymously: your gameplay data will be available under the “Hero” nickname, while your opponents' screen names will not be visible (hidden). Note that PT4 doesn’t work in real-time.


888 client saves hands to your PC, and you can import these Hand Histories with PT4. Once the necessary hands are imported, they will be stored within PostgreSQL. Then, the hands will become available to analyze within your Poker Tracker 4 database.

iPoker Network

All rooms that belong to iPoker network (BestPoker, Betfair, Titan Poker, RedStar Poker, Guts Poker) support Poker Tracker 4. To allow PT4 to import the hand histories, you should configure your iPoker client to save hand histories to a special folder on your PC.

Please, note: the iPoker network doesn’t provide a Mac OS X compatible client, but PT4 has the Mac OS X version, which can be used to import hand histories from the Windows client.

Poker Tracker 4 can be used in all the supported poker rooms (some of them are listed above). There are also poker sites that stand against tracking software, for example, Run It Once Poker created by famous poker professional Phil Galfond.

Generally, if HUDs are allowed by a certain poker room, then it’s possible to use the program with no worries. If you still have doubts on whether you can use PT4, then check the full list of compatible rooms on the Poker Tracker official website or send an email to the Support Service of the given poker room and ask them directly.

You still have to clear everything up in HUD settings in the app. In order to do it, you should learn the material where we have told about PokerTracker 4 HUD settings in detail.

You can buy the qualitative HUDs and pop-ups for PokerTracker 4, which were developed by the poker trainers and regulars in various disciplines at PokerPopUp.

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