Polk refused to play heads-up against Perkins

Douglas Polk 2021

Last week, the Polk vs. Negreanu heads-up battle ended, and Daniel suffered a crushing defeat. Negreanu was not the only person to lose in that duel, as there is also Bill Perkins, who bet as much as $1 500 000 on Daniel's victory.

After the end of the battle, Perkins challenged Polk to fight him in the heads-up duel. In doing so, Bill has no illusions about his poker skills, therefore, he offered heads-up at the limits of $200/$400, but with a 13BB/100 handicap. Thus, for every 200 hands, Douglas would have paid Perkins $10 400.

Polk had a 12BB/100 winrate versus Negreanu, so Bill asked for the 13BB/100 handicap. According to Perkins, he is very weak in heads-up: Bill works really little on improving his game skills, and his understanding of poker is at a low level. However, the guy is obsessed with action therefore he was ready to take that challenge.

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Douglas Polk did not agree to Perkins' terms, saying that he was not interested in playing heads-up against Bill even on equal terms. But, the very next day, Perkins found another player willing to fight him – it was Landon Tice, a high roller from Las Vegas.

Landon agreed to play 20 000 hands against Perkins at $200/$400 stakes with a 9BB/100 handicap. So far, there are no specific details of the duel, but Phil Galfond may act as a judge of this poker rendezvous. Bill Perkins' opponent is not a very popular person, so we can assume that this heads-up will feature a lesser audience than the Negreanu vs. Polk heads-up challenge.

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