Popular casino decided to bypass quarantine, but poker players didn’t appreciate it

The Venetian casino

Casinos around the world are under quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic, but not all gambling establishments are willing to lose their profits. Thus, for example, The Venetian (which is one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas) has found a loophole in this situation. On March 16, the following post appeared on the official Twitter page of the casino:

The Venetian

This immediately caused a highly negative reaction among the professional players. Many of them retweeted the post, having written reproachful comments. Such well-known pros as Dan Smith, Ryan Riess, Steve O’Dwyer, Chris Moneymaker and others also expressed their indignation.

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A few hours later, the management of the poker room realized their mistake and posted another tweet with a new message:

The Venetian on Twitter

The coronavirus epidemic affects many areas of business and economics and poker is no exception. However, it comes only to offline, since online poker, on the contrary, is currently facing an influx of activity, which is very noticeable. People in most countries of the world are forced to be under the quarantine. The leadership of many countries has come to such measures in order to combat the pandemic.

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