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Post №48 Football. Betting 5 games

Hello friends.

EUROPE: UEFA Nations League

Let's take today 5 games in which the teams claim to be the first in the group. When there is an opportunity to take a high place, teams are motivated.


In the last game, the Russian national team was simply unlucky. If they win, they will take first place.

In the first game I choose Russian team handicap 0.


I don't think Italy won't win. In this game, few is decided, the game should have many goals, the main thing is that both teams score.

In the second game I choose both teams will score

Bosnia and Herzegovina-Italy

"Squadra Azzurra" wins and they take first place.

In the third game I choose Italy.


If Norway wants first place, 2 goals need to be scored, Austria will counterattack.

In the fourth game I choose both teams will score.


Slovenia will be satisfied with a draw, but Greece needs a victory.

In the fifth game I choose both teams will score.

Results for yesterday.

Togo-Egypt 1:3 (WIN)

Tanzania-Tunisia 1:1 (LOSE)

Spain-Germany 6:0 (LOSE)

The German car broke down. Was only 1 shot to the crossbar. Spain played great and scored beautifully.

Croatia-Portugal 2:3 (WIN)

Venezuela-Chile 2:1 (LOSE)

At night there were games with Brazil and Argentina, it's a regret that I didn't notice them.


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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Serbia-Russia 5:0 (LOSE)

Poland-Netherlands 1:2 (WIN)

Bosnia and Herzegovina-Italy 0:2 (WIN)

Austria-Norway 1:1 (WIN)

Greece-Slovenia 0:0 (LOSE)

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ViktorSyrovackyy user
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Poland-Netherlands 1:2 (WIN) Bosnia and Herzegovina-Italy 0:2 (WIN)

i win too

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