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Hello friends.

Results for yesterday.

"Real" Madrid is a team created to win the Champions League. "Atalanta" never ceases to amaze. "Olympique de Marseille" everything is clear with this team. 2 more games and there will be a new anti-ricord.

Liverpool-Atalanta 0:2 (LOSE)

Internazionale Milano-Real Madrid 0:2 (LOSE)

Olympique de Marseille-Porto 0:2 (LOSE)

Europa League -  Group Stage - Round 4

Lille OSC-Milan

Ibrahimovic misses the game. I believe that Milan will be able to take revenge.

In the first game I choose "Milan"

Braga-Leicester City

Two strong teams. The guests have good odds.

In the second game I choose "Leicester" City


"Arsenal" is not stable, while playing confidently in Europe.

In the third game I choose "Arsenal"

CFR Cluj-Roma

Yesterday there were odds 2.3 on the Romans, and today it fell a lot, which means a lot of bets are being made on them and I see that they look better.

In the fourth game I choose "Roma".

Diego Armando Maradona

Yesterday, I got the bad news. Diego Maradona is dead. He was 60 years old. If you go to Instagram, you will see a lot of warm words about Diego. He was a genius on the football field, for which many fell in love with him.

Many remember two goals at the 1986 World Cup. One goal is the so-called 'Hand of God", and the second is the best goal scored in the World Cup of all time.


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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Lille OSC-Milan 1:1 (LOSE)

Braga-Leicester City 3:3 (LOSE)

Molde-Arsenal 0:3 (WIN)

CFR Cluj-Roma 0:2 (WIN)

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