Post №59 Football. Betting 2 games

Hello friends.

Results for yesterday.

Nimes Olympique-Olympique de Marseille 0:2 (WIN)

Yesterday, I had some success in poker. I was close to winning the cup, but I stopped at 5th place.

Today I was busy and the games that I wanted to consider are already over, so I choose from what is remaining.

Remember, I said, that in one game I really liked the wolf. I was able to catch him. Do you think, he is beautiful?

SPAIN: LaLiga2


"Malaga's" win is a good option, even if you take a handicap of 0, the odds are excellent.

In the first game I choose "Malaga" handicap 0.

FRANCE: Ligue 1

Montpellier HSC-Paris Saint-Germain

The Parisians won't have a lot of main players and "Montpellier HSC" is showing good game in last games. They can lose, but I don't think there is more than 1 goal.

In the second game I choose "Montpellier HSC" handicap 1.

Another game, that I like today.

Chelsea-Leeds United ( "Chelsea" win with odds 1.5)


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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Malaga-Cartagena 1:2 (LOSE)

Montpellier HSC-Paris Saint-Germain 1:3 (LOSE)

Chelsea-Leeds United 3:1 (WIN)

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