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Hello friends.

Results for yesterday.

Parma-Juventus 0:4  (Player to score a goal at any time - Cristiano Ronaldo) (WIN)

Nice-Lyon 1:4 (WIN)

Newcastle United-Fulham 1:1 (RETURN)

ITALY: Serie A

Sassuolo Calcio-Milan

"Sassuolo Calcio" is a not predictable team, but "Milan" is just awesome right now, I hope Ibrahimovic can play. I think both teams will score in the game, maybe already in the first half.

In the first game I choose "Milan".


Two teams that score a lot. Bookmakers give small odds on TO 2.5 goal, so I choose Roma with a handicap.

In the second game I choose "Roma" handicap 0.


For me at the moment, "Lazio" is on the black list, but this is only for a win, I hope they are able to score and concede goal in this game.

In the third game I choose both teams will score.

Another game, that I like today.

Eibar - Real Madrid ( "Real" win with odds 1.6)

Great day, love it. Happy Birthday to me.


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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Good advice like usual - I like Ibrahimovich, really found his form.  What do you think? Salah still scoring and watch out for Kane, I think he’ll score more goals in each game now too :)

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Vetal Expert

Yes. + Messi, Lewandowski, Mbape, 5 more players can be found.

Vetal Expert

Sassuolo Calcio-Milan 1:2 (WIN)

Atalanta-Roma 4:1 (LOSE)

Lazio-Napoli 2:0 (LOSE)

Eibar - Real Madrid 1:3 (WIN)

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