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Hello friends.

Thanks for the greetings. New Years is soon. As a child, these 2 holidays were like one for me.

Results for 12/20.

"Roma" showed excellent play in the first half, and then such a feeling that they were replaced and dominated by the "Atalanta" players. Again "Lazio". They could have conceded 1 goal.

Sassuolo Calcio-Milan 1:2 (WIN)

Atalanta-Roma 4:1 (LOSE)

Lazio-Napoli 2:0 (LOSE)

Eibar - Real Madrid 1:3 (WIN)

888sport - 8k$ results (2 of 8)

Forecast 888sport, which I did on 12/18 , result. This time everything is by (almost).

B. Monchengladbach 1 - 2 Hoffenheim (LOSE)

Everton 2 - 1 Arsenal (LOSE)

Levante 2 - 1 Real Sociedad (LOSE)

Bayer Leverkusen 1 - 2 Bayern Munich (WIN)

Tottenham 0 - 2 Leicester (LOSE)

Granada CF 2 - 0 Betis (LOSE)

Cadiz CF 0 - 2 Getafe (LOSE)

West Brom 0 - 3 Aston Villa (WIN)


Real Sociedad - Atletico Madrid

"Real" Sociedad in recent games only loses points. "Atletico" Madrid is on its way to the championship, there will be many games ahead and points cannot be lost. They play well and concede few goals. "Real" can count on a draw, so you can choose the handicap option at "Atleticо".

I choose "Atl. Madrid".

Juventus - Fiorentina ("Juventus" win with odds 1.44)

                                   (Player to score a goal at any time - Cristiano Ronaldo, odds 1.56)

Arsenal - Manchester City 

When I saw this game, I made a choice in favor of city, and then I saw that it EFL cup. It is better not to take such games for forecasting.

Real Valladolid - Barcelona ("Barcelona" win with odds 1.43)

                                             (Player to score a goal at any time - Lionel Messi, odds 1.7)


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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Real Sociedad - Atletico Madrid 0:2 (WIN)

Juventus - Fiorentina  0:3 (LOSE)

Player to score a goal at any time - Cristiano Ronaldo (LOSE)

Real Valladolid - Barcelona  0:3 (WIN)

Player to score a goal at any time - Lionel Messi (WIN)

Arsenal - Manchester City  1:4

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