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Results for 01/12

Milan-Torino 0:0 (1:0) (LOSE)

Heracles Almelo-Emmen 4:0 (WIN)

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Everton 1:2 (WIN)

Oostende-K.A.S. Eupen 1:1

Ambri-Piotta - Servette 2:0

Today there will be NHL games, to be precise 1 game, after a break of several months.

Basketball. NBA

Charlotte Hornets-Dallas Mavericks

In the first game I choose "Charlotte Hornets" handicap 2

Minnesota Timberwolves-Memphis Grizzlies

In the second game I choose "Memphis Grizzlies"

Hockey. NHL

Tampa Bay Lightning-Chicago Blackhawks

In the third game I choose "Tampa Bay Lightning". 


Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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Charlotte Hornets-Dallas Mavericks 93:104 (LOSE)

Minnesota Timberwolves-Memphis Grizzlies 107:118 (WIN)

Tampa Bay Lightning-Chicago Blackhawks 5:1 (WIN)

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I think handicap +2 is a bad idea, it's better to just bet on the win

Tamadiw user
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Good luck everyone and win.

Thank you! The same! Have no idea how to gamgle hockey😄😄

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Vetal user
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I have no idea, too.))

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