Predator Hunt at PartyPoker: shoot down "predator" and get a $22 ticket

Predator Hunt at PartyPoker

PartyPoker daily hosts an exciting tournament called Predator. Its prize pool now includes $22 tickets for knocking out "predators" (individual players) of the game.

The Predator runs every day (from Monday to Saturday) at 17:05 UTC. What are players required to do to win a free Predator ticket worth $22?

  1. Register or be already registered at PartyPoker.
  2. Take part in a Predator tournament.
  3. Knock a "predator" out of the event (list of players is given below).
  4. Take a screenshot of the knockout.
  5. Upload the screenshot to Twitter for 24 hours and tag it @partypoker.

If all the requirements are successfully completed, PartyPoker will credit your account with a free ticket valued at $22. You can win no more than two tickets per week.

Pamela BalzanoPamsi
Santiago GonzálezKirbyPop
Jacobo MontoyaSoyPez
Cristian UCristian U
BabysharkBabyShark 1kk
Igor NiklosDzirt2014
Дмитрий Кухтаревspr32
Day Kotoviezydaykotoviezy
Louise Butlerlou045
Carl FrochCarl_Froch
Dzmitry Urbanovich
Matt StaplesMatthewStaples
Jaime Staplesjaimestaples
Dowgh Santosgigife
Leonardo Mantovaniookina
Azam Khodzhaevkhodzhaev_azam

For each predator busted, you receive 1 point towards the Predator Hunt Leaderboard. Every week, the leaderboard provides 5x $22 tickets to the Predator tournament.

Take part in Predator tournaments and win the $22 tickets! The reward for eliminating “predators” will not be long in coming. Good luck everyone!

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