Bubble Boy at BestPoker: get prizes for busting on bubble

Bubble Boy at BestPoker

Probably the most annoying situations for the tournament players are bad beats and busting out on the bubble. No one is immune to both these situations, but BestPoker rewards those unfortunate players who get knocked out of the tournament just before the ITM zone, that is, the so-called bubble boys.

All players have a chance to get up to €100 after being knocked out on the bubble. How to do it? The rules have never been so simple!

How to join the "Bubble Boy" promo

  1. Register or be registered on BestPoker.
  2. Log in to the BestPoker client.
  3. Go to the "Missions" section.bestpoker lobby
  4. Choose the "Bubble Boy" offer and click on the "Opt-in" button to activate the promo.bestpoker client

That's it. If you bust out on the bubble, you will have the opportunity to win cash prizes. To do this, you need to spin the wheel, and then everything depends on luck.

"Bubble Boy" Possible Prize List

  • €100
  • €50
  • General €10 Ticket (7 day)
  • General €5 Ticket (7 day)
  • €1     
  • General €1 Ticket (7 day)

Important details of the promotion

  1. You can participate in the "Bubble Boy" promo every day. In order to do this, you need to activate it each time in the "Missions" section.
  2. Only tournaments with a $5 buy-in and above are found suitable for participation.
  3. The offer is available from 21 November, 2020, to 21 November, 2021.
  4. To get a prize, you need to be knocked out of the tournament on the bubble.
  5. Satellite tournaments do not count towards the promotion.
  6. Spin and prizes validity period: 7 days.
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