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About myself

Cardmates editor since 2015.

As part of the team, I cover poker news and write various articles. I create useful educational content for players of any level.

Started playing poker and other card games in high school, played a lot with friends and relatives. While studying at the university, I explored online games on various websites.

Immediately after graduation, I became interested in vacancy, which required knowledge of foreign languages and the ability to play poker. That's when I joined the Cardmates team. My specialization was translations, writing news and educational articles. 

Favorite discipline: MTT (especially offline).

The motto in life: "A little progress each day adds up to big results".

Advice to beginners: Do not forget that poker is a game. Do not forget to enjoy the process. Perceive each opponent as your teacher.

Education: master degree in English and in international law.

Work experience: from 2015 till now - Cardmates (editor).

Recommended poker room: GGPoker, PokerStars.


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