Programs for PokerStars

Programs for PokerStars

Online poker game implies the possibility to use a number of supportive programs that are intended to simplify the game process.

On the official website of PokerStars, there is a list of permitted and prohibited programs, which a player can use while the client is running. 

Permitted programs at PokerStars

PokerStars allows using programs which:

  • Give the basic information on the game (pot odds, strength of the hand).
  • Statistic and referential information (charts of starting hands).
  • Monitor and provide game statistics on opponents.

This way, you are able to use the following programs at PokerStars:

  • Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker – programs for collecting game statistics, systematization of information and your game analysis.
  • StarsHelper is a program to optimize and simplify the game process.
  • Sharkscope is a statistic site that collects all the information on poker tournament results.

Prohibited programs at PokerStars

The security system of PokerStars may block your account for using the third-party programs that have the following functionality:

  • Creation of a common database (mining) and other programs that make a team play (collusion) possible.
  • A game without human’s intervention (bots), or reducing the need of the human’s participation in the game (auto-fold).
  • Collection of statistics on players if you are not at the table.
  • Providing tips on the real-time game (helpers).
  • Ability to manipulate the opponents in games, where a table selection is impossible (for example, Spin&Go tournaments).

Examples of prohibited programs at PokerStars:

  • SessionLord is a program for automatic placing at the tables.
  • SpinWiz is a program that helps to select tables in Spin&Go tournaments.
  • WarBot and PokerBot+ are programs that fully or partly play instead of a human.

You can familiarize with the full list of prohibited programs on the official website of PokerStars.

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