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Novice players rarely wonder about rake and rakeback in the poker room, but this is one of those things that you may not need to understand much, but it’s worth knowing basics.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the rake system at PartyPoker, as well as how much rakeback you can receive.

It will be useful for both beginner players and experienced regulars who have not previously delved into the topic or are looking for relevant information on PartyPoker rake and cashback.

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So, first, let's figure out how much we still pay for the game on PartyPoker?

PartyPoker rake

Rake is a commission that players pay a poker room for the opportunity to play for money. He is charged with a buy-in in tournaments and with a bank in a cash game.

PartyPoker rake in cash-games

The average rake in cash games at Partypoker is 5%.

There are some exceptions: heads-up tables of limit games from $ 15/30 to $ 30/60 (rake is 2.5%) and all limit tables $50/$100 - $250/$500 (rake is 1%).

Real Money Limit Tables

LimitsNumber of playersRakePercentMaximum



2-100,01$ for a pot of 0,20$5%0,50$
2-100,05$ for a pot of 1$5%1$
2$/4$20,25$ for a pot of 5$5%1$ 
2$/4$3-40,25$ for a pot of 5$5%2$
2$/4$5-100,25$ for a pot of 5$5%3$
20,5$ for a pot of 10$5%1$
3-40,5$ for a pot of 10$5%2$
5-100,5$ for a pot of 10$5%3$

20,5$ for a pot of 20$2,5%1$

3-41$ for a pot of 20$5%2$

5-101$ for a pot of 20$5%3$

2-31$ for a pot of 100$1%2$

3-101$ for a pot of 100$1%5$

Heads-up Tables

All except Limit and No Limit
0,05$ for a pot of 1$5%1$
Limit and No Limit
0,05$ for a pot of 1$5%2$

No-limit Tables and with Pot-limit 

LimitsNumber of playersRakePercentMaximum

2-100,01$ for a pot of 0,20$5%1$

20,01$ for a pot of 0,20$5%1$

3-40,01$ for a pot of 0,20$5%2$ 

5-100,01$ for a pot of 0,20$5%3$

2-30,05$ for a pot of 1$5%1$

4-100,05$ for a pot of 1$5%5$
200$/400$20,05$ for a pot of 1$5%1$
200$/400$3-100,05$ for a pot of 1$5%5$

Tournament rake

In PartyPoker tournaments, the commission (fee) is highly dependent on the buy-in. The size of the tournament rake ranges from 0% to 25%.

For instance:

  • In popular tournaments for $215, rake is usually $15, which is about 7%. Less often – $9 (4.4%).
  • In tournaments for $109 – either $5 (5%) or $9 (9%).
  • In tournaments for $2.20, $5.5, $22, $33, rake is $0.20, $0.50, $2 and $3 respectively, i.e. 10%.

The tournament fee for each event is shown in the buy-in window. It is displayed through a plus sign. So if the buy-in is indicated as $200 + $15, this means that $200 goes into the game and becomes part of the prize pool, and $15 is a commission fee.

This applies to both multi-table tournaments (MTT) and sit-and-go games (Sit&Go).

Rake in Spins at PartyPoker

In PartyPoker Spins rake depends on the buy-in and ranges from 4% to 8%:

  • In Spins for $0.25, $1, $3, $5, rake is 8%.
  • In Spins for $10, $20 rake is 6%.
  • In Spins for $50 and $100 – 5%, and in the most expensive Party spins for $250 – 4%.

Comparison of rake in different poker rooms

Rake in cash-gamesmostly 5%
(from 1% to 5%)
mostly 5%
(from 1% to 5%)
mostly 5%
(from 1% to 6,25%)
5% (in limit games 2,5%)
Rake in tournamentson average 5%-10%on average 5%-10%on average 5%-10%on average 5%-10%
Rake in Spinsfrom 5% to 8%from 4% to 8%from 6,13% to 10%from 6% to 7,5%

PartyPoker rakeback

At PartyPoker, rakeback is calculated according to the partypoker Cashback loyalty program. According to this system, players receive from 20% to 40% rakeback in the poker room.

PartyPoker Cashback is a weekly reward program in which players earn 1 point for every dollar of rake generated by them and depending on the number of points accumulated during the week, players receive a cashback bonus.

How to get rakeback at PartyPoker? Step-by-step instruction.

Step 1. First of all, you need to register at the poker room and make a deposit. Only after that you will become a member of the Cashback reward program and will be able to start earning points and receive cashback.

Step 2. Register in the "Rewards" section. At the same time, keep in mind that cashback is credited for a week, which lasts from 00:01 Monday to 23:59 Sunday CET.

You can check the current status of the points earned and the cashback received in the "Promotions" – "Cashback" tab in the lobby of the poker room.

PartyPoker cashback

Step 3. Play real money games so that the rake you generated will bring you the points you need.

The amount of rake you earned is proportional to the percentage that you contributed to the bank. In this case, you must receive cards, invest money in the pot and generate at least $0.01 rake in the hand.

Step 4. Accumulate at least 25 points to start getting PartyPoker cashback. The more points you earn, the higher the percentage and amount of rakeback you will receive.

Step 5. Get your well-deserved PartyPoker rakeback. It is paid on Mondays.

The amount and percentage of cashback at Party Poker

Points for a weekCashback PartyPoker
2520% (5$)
5020% (10$)
7520% (15$)
10020% (20$)
15025% (37,5$)
20025% (50$)
25025% (62$)
30025% (75$)
35025% (87,5$)
40025% (100$)
45025% (112,5$)
50025% (125$)
60030% (180$)
70030% (210$)
80030% (240$)
90030% (270$)
1 00030% (300$)
1 20040% (480$)
1 40040% (560$)
1 60040% (640$)
1 80040% (720$)
2 00040% (800$)

If a player earns more than 2 000 points per week, then he will receive 40% cashback for every 200 points earned per week.

Please note that the remaining points are not carried over to the next week, but are reset to zero.

PartyPoker VIP levels – up to 100% cashback

PartyPoker Diamond Club is a special PartyPoker VIP level, which is received by the best poker room players purely upon invitation and approval of the administration. PartyPoker Diamond Club members receive 50% rakeback, a personal manager who will come to help 24/7, increased withdrawal limits, live event tickets and many other pleasant bonuses.

Only the most active players who love to play big can enter the VIP club. In order for the room administration to send you an invitation, you need to score at least 100 000 reward points during the year.

But this is not the highest level, because there is also Diamond Club ELITE. In order to become a member of this club you need to generate at least $200 000 rake per year in cash games, SNG/MTT tournaments, fast poker tables and in Spins.

Players with this VIP level receive a fixed 40% rakeback, which can be increased to 60% cashback (if the necessary quotas are met). In addition, they have VIP services and other benefits, as well as all Diamond Club ELITE players receive a VIP package for the Bahamian Caribbean Poker Party tournament and $10 300 MILLIONS Online tickets as a gift.

But this is not the maximum. You can get 100% rakeback at PartyPoker. Any new Diamond Club Elite player can receive such a gift if he breaks the record of Sp0ubledy – a player who generated $200 000 in 59 days.

If you are an active player – you can always get more. Also you can get more information about the best offers of the game and the best rakeback at PartyPoker via our online-chat.


💸 How is rake charged? Can I not pay rake?

The rake in the poker room is automatically charged, you do not need to do anything extra for this. And since rake is a mandatory poker room commission, players cannot avoid paying it. Instead, some rooms (including PartyPoker) offer active players a refund of part of the rake in the form of a cashback.

🎰 Can I get cashback at PartyPoker for playing in a casino or making bets?

Not. Rakeback is credited only for playing real money poker.

🕝 What if I sign up for a cashback program in the middle of the week?

Week of partypoker Cashback is not considered from the moment you register in the program, but according to the calendar from the first minute of Monday to the last minute of Sunday CET. However, you can register in the middle of the week and earn points.

📊 What if the points balance I have accumulated is between levels?

In this case, you will receive a cashback of the last achieved level, and the remaining points will be reset. For example, if you accumulate 315 points, then you will receive $75 for 300 points. And the remaining 15 points will simply be written off.

💎 How to get to PartyPoker Diamond Club?

This is a closed level. Diamond Club is by invitation only. In order for the room administration to send you an invitation you need to score at least 100 000 reward points during the year (for Diamond Club ELITE at least $200 000 of rake per year).

If you think that you are suitable to become a member of the Party Poker Diamond Club, then write a letter to [email protected]

💰 Can I get more rakeback at Party Poker?

If you are an active player, you can always get more. Contact the manager on our website in online-chat and get more information about the best offers on PartyPoker.

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