Rakeback on Partypoker – one of the best offers on the online poker market

partypoker rakeback

Many poker amateurs like a loyalty program on Partypoker, because it provides to its players from 20% up to 40% of a rakeback. Just play poker, earn points and every week get additional income, which amount will depend only on you.

Rakeback is a return of the paid rake by a player (in other words rake is a commission that a poker room charges from every buy-in in tournaments and from every pot in cash-games.

How to get rakeback on Partypoker

Previously, a user of the poker-room had to register in "Rewards" section every week to get access to a rakeback on Partypoker. However, it is not needed to pass a registration procedure with the last updating of a client - now the player becomes a member of a rewarding program automatically.

You can track your progress in a section of "Promotions" ⇒ "Cashback".

cashback partypoker

For every 1$ of a paid rake, the player will be credited with 1 point. The amount of payment will depend on a sum of accumulated VIP-points during one week. In order to become an owner of a minimum payment of 5$, the player has to accumulate at least 25 points during a reporting period and the max size of reward is unlimited.

Cashback payout table 

partypoker cashback rank

Rakeback Partypoker is paid to the player's account every Monday. The player can manage this money as he likes: use it for buy-ins in tournaments and cash-games or withdraw it to the accounts of payment systems.         

Rakeback on Partypoker - additional rules and terms

  • If a number of points is between the levels by the end of the reporting period, the poker-room user will get a payout on the basis of the last level that a player has reached. The rest of the points will expire. Example: a player accumulated 325 points in one week, he will get a payout of 75$ on the basis of 300 points (see the table above). The rest (25 points) will be canceled.
  • Accumulated points cannot be transferred to another player.
  • Only points that are earned in poker games are accrued in favor of cashback. Points obtained at casino or sports betting are not taking into account.
  • If a rakeback has not been accrued to the player for some reason on Monday, he should contact a support service of the poker-room at [email protected]

PartyPoker Diamond Club – an annual VIP-status for true grinders

It is the most prestigious status on Partypoker which gives its holder a minimum 50% of rakeback in addition to the other promotions of the poker room. Only players who earn 100 000 points (play 100 000$ of the rake) in 12 months will be able to join this club.

If you are confident in your abilities, then you can apply for membership in Diamond Club by writing to an email: [email protected]

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