Rayan "Beriuzy" Chamas Parts Ways with GGPoker and Comments His Decision

Rayan Beriuzy Chamas

The famous poker pro Rayan "Beriuzy" Chamas made an unexpected confession about his cooperation with GGPoker. In his vlog, he explained how his partnership with the poker brand went and why he decided to leave the GG team.

In 2022, Rayan Chamas entered into an agreement with GGPoker room, which, after a year, was up for renewal. However, Chamas decided against continuing the partnership, feeling it would be a mistake to do so. He reflected on his past streaming videos and realized that before his contract with GGPoker, he had been more relaxed and authentic on camera. This change in demeanor, he noted, was because there was less stress in his life at that time, allowing him to be himself without the pressure of promoting the brand.

Chamas acknowledged that his audience appreciated his genuine personality, but felt that this authenticity diminished after joining the site's team, as he had to portray a role that wasn't true to himself. This shift not only altered his public persona but also affected him personally, leading to discomfort and anxiety.

"At the same time, I did not want to leave GG. In my opinion, this is the best site at the moment. But I unrealistically estimated the expectations from our cooperation. So I decided to relax. I'm not giving up on poker content, I love the whole process. But I want to make content comfortable. I don't want to force myself to make content."

The primary motivation behind his decision is to spend joyful and stress-free time with his family and wife. Rayan emphasized the importance of reducing stress in his life and not wanting to feel obligated to do anything that didn't align with his personal and professional comfort.

It is worth noting that literally the next day after the publication of the vlog, Chamas participated in the WPT Main Event Rock 'n' Roll Poker Open and made a heads-up deal with the champion Istvan Briski (+$600,000). Apparently leaving GGTeam really gave him more confidence and motivation.

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