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GGPoker 2020

Poker rooms periodically provide updates to improve their services. In such a way, they want not only to attract new users, but also to retain regular players. GGPoker is no exception, therefore, some improvements were made to the poker room in April.

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Rush & Cash updates

The room introduced some improvements towards its Rush & Cash games. Thus, rake at such tables is now 5% with a cap equal to 3BB. Here are other changes for the given game format:

  • New levels of blinds appeared: $0.5/$1 and $0.02/$0.05
  • Earlier, the Cash Drop Pool was financed through the rake, but now this will be done through the pot amount – 1BB for every 30BB of pot.
  • Players get a possibility to choose the number of Rush & Cash tables to open for playing when paying buy-in.
  • The "Quick Fold" bug was successfully fixed.
  • The Cash Drop Rate was changed.

Spin & Gold updates

  • The poker room has added an option called "Continue in current window".
  • Blinds will stop going up if any of the players get disconnected.

Board Squeeze updates

  • Players will see the equity after opening the river card.
  • After the underdog squeezed his board card, the river card will appear.
  • As for the tournaments, the board card can be only revealed by the player who goes all-in or who has no chips left.

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Chess Clock (final table) updates

  • A player has 30 seconds to decide on the pre-flop stage. There is also a special button called "Time Extension" that allows you to use the rest of the Chess Clock time.
  • Following the flop stage, the remaining Chess Clock time can be used by default.

Hand History and Transactions updates

  • Players’ screen names will be shown in the preview message unless the anonymous sharing mode is set.
  • The client defaults to the "Show Poker Table Transaction" and "Show Side Game Transaction" options.
  • In Poker Craft, to see the All-in EV, all the participants of the hand have to shove on the same street otherwise this indicator will be displayed as 0 (will be fixed soon).

Tournament updates

  • The tournament lobby has a new filter "Special", which displays certain types of events like AoF giveaway, freerolls and so forth.
  • The tournaments you've registered for will be displayed in the appropriate lobby whatever the tournament filter is used.
  • In order to prevent the excessive use of T$ by means of satellites, the following rules should be observed: T$ will be issued to the satellite winner if it’s impossible to cancel registration for the target tournament; if this is possible, then the room will compensate for the entry and re-register you for the tournament through the ticket won in the satellite. 
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