Regular tournaments for $100 000 with 10% rake will appear in GG Network

GG Network 2019

The appearance of Chairman tournaments with $100 000 buy-in in the poker rooms of GG Network is discussed at the forum 2+2. The big rake of 10% surprises in these events. Most users tend to believe that it won’t be special benefits for high rollers to play tournaments with 10% rake.

Basically, such players have a rakeback up to 50%. In order for it to be reasonable to play these tournaments, the rakeback should be approximately 90%.

The players are dissatisfied with the fact that it is only possible to make 1 re-entry in these tournaments.

GG Poker 2019

The other half of the users considered that these tournaments were created not for professional players, but for the wealthy businessmen. 10% rake is of little importance for them, since they have plenty of money and they rather play not for money, but for fun.

It is not yet known how often such tournaments will be held, but at the moment they completely disappeared from the lobby. In any case, poker is evolving and it will be interesting to watch the regular tournaments online with such a big buy-in.  

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