Reinvest and remain a winner!

Most of us playing poker for secondary incomes and that makes us dreaming to have some things that are not "totally necesarry" in our lives, but we want and like to have.

In the last year i saw that i bought so many things that i didn't use daily or make my life somehow better.

From all of them, i am so proud to improve my desk, which it will be always a passive income for me! But latelly, after a profitable month i decided do not invest in things that will not help me in future or having a better life.

That sound bar i used only 1 time in the last 6 months...but i opened the bitcoin app daily.... Yup, i invested in bitcoins and after 2 months i have 400$ more ( but all of you know that this profit its volatile and unshure everyday).

My plan is to not conserve my money into a bank account (only what is necesarry for 3 months of existence). And i will try to learn few things about trading investments.

It's a totally new thing for me but i thing it deserve. I want to become my new hobby!

Oh...and these days i will buy new mattress ;)))! invest in my sleep, it's important , right?

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