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Here you can leave your feedback on Betfair Poker, a popular Ipoker Network skin. We’ve already tested the poker room and provided the most important information about its software, cash game &tournament catalogue, and methods of depositing and withdrawing money, but it will also be very useful to listen to people who have experience playing on Betfair.

Your feedback will help unregistered users understand whether they should create an account on the site or not. That's because comments from real players show the most objective picture of this room’s operation.

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Reviews (13)
User's aura Riderrx 59
No status

As a long-time player on Betfair Poker, I am extremely pleased with my experience. The best part is that there is no need to install additional layouts 'cause original client design provides convenience. I appreciate how effortlessly I can find games and customize my preferences.  I have noticed that field here is quite weak, so you can easily earn from fish, especially HUD which is allowed here. All in all, Betfair provides an excellent poker platform that combines earning potential with exciting promotions.

rather weak field, friendly to HUD, up to 35% for regs
only holdem and omaha, no other types to play
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User's aura AllgreenLIGHT 53
No status

Great place to make money. Games are available almost 24/7 at all limits. Selection of formats is limited but I’m personally satisfied with having Hold'em and Omaha options. Level of competition is relatively low, as poker room attracts many casino and sportsbook players. They lack experience to pose significant rivalry so you can earn solid money if you’re more or less versed in poker. Withdrawals are much faster now but still may take up to a few days. If you normally open between 10 and 12 tables, grinding might be poor but 5-6 tables always fill up.

multitabling, low competition, smooth games
there are always things to improve
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User's aura D0ntL1eMe 53
No status

Have been grinding MTTs on Betfair for 3 years and must say that tournament selection for low-stakes players like me is decent here. I can easily find options that fit into my limited playing time, but I'm not a big fan of their software. It feels a bit outdated, though this won't affect your gaming experience unless you're an aesthete.

many cheap tournaments
software is a slight letdown
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User's aura LoveisalosinGGame 53
No status

The poker room caught my eye by accident and won me over with its rakeback deal and rake races where prize pool depends on your play limits. Their first deposit bonus is acceptable but I was expecting something "more" from Betfair.

many rake races, great rakeback deal
welcome bonus could be more juicy
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User's aura GoCubsGO 62
No status

Howdy, everybody!! I identify myself as a hobbyist as there is no free time to climb to the professional level but I still get some cashback. Heard from guys playing here regularly that you can easily get like 35% monthly, which I believe is a blast. My personal recommendation - deposit and withdraw funds through e-wallets as you don’t have to adjust to your bank’s working hours.

wide table limit range, fast financial transactions, monthly cashback
player traffic has fallen since last years
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User's aura alexandr99 63
No status

Hi, everyone! What I like about Betfair is good monthly rakeback, quite nice software and its simple interface and optimal fish/reg ratio. What I don’t like is few cash tables per limit during non-prime hours and that’s a real disadvantage.

monthly cashback and beatable player field
little action at cash tables during off-peak time
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User's aura NakedPinguin 63
No status

Betfair was not familiar to me before as I long played on PokerStars only. well, after 8 months of playing here im satisfied with software and reward system as i get a steady 20% cashback each month. player field is rather weak but strong regs play here as well, making competition tough enough.

great loyalty program, you won't wait for opponents, no problems with withdrawals
everything is ok for now
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User's aura AngelloFabichello 59
No status

Good quality poker room. Liked the design. Everything is also conveniently done for those who like to play many tables at the same time. For example, there is a useful "Join Similar" button.

nice design. useful features for cash games
none of the importance
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User's aura nanoshark 163
nanoshark Fan

I was used it for betting , paid so i think it is good

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User's aura deviles2006 371
deviles2006 Fan

good Rackbake can be founded good tables with 2-3 fishes

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BigMac user

As for me, there is a little variety of games in this room.  But I'm still a big fan of PokerStars. 

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Jeff user

I usually bet on this site, but some days ago tried to play poker. I got a weird feeling, like the room is ok, but something's off.  

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westcoast user

There is possibility to multi-table up to 15 tables at once, but the room provides Texas Hold'em and Omaha games only(

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