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Bonus 100 000 rubles at PokerDom for all active players of the poker room. To receive bonus funds, you need to score as many points as possible and enter a promotional code.

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We can tell you a lot about Pokerdom, narrate about promo actions of the room, highlight the innovations, share information about the tournament series and rake-races in cash-games and even teach how to install and use the poker client properly. However, the most honest, up-to-date and useful information is always generated by users who leave comments about PokerDom in 2022.

Reviews on Pokerdom are not just a way of expressing one's own thoughts or getting the right information. This is an excellent tool for feedback to the poker room, whose representatives regularly examine their customers’ opinions in order to make their product as much convenient, safe and quality as possible in the future.

We encourage our players to leave comments about Pokerdom, meanwhile we do not restrict you in statements: feel free to write short messages in "I like" style but do not be lazy to share your experience of playing in the poker room, since only honest information allows to get the maximum clear picture of the Pokerdom room.

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Reviews (10)
User's aura maomax1223 421
maomax1223 Fan

A lot of problems with this room. We can find many pros-es. But don't hurry to register

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User's aura nanoshark 163
nanoshark Fan

A lot of fishes from Russia, i try to play here Chinese poker , but i am too fish, but good action there are

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Cash user

I am pleased with regular promotions and good bonus for the first deposit. I like to play here! 

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HereIsNoFish user

Ah, so sweet russian fishy players...good software and quick support

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Au19stin86 user

The room is ok, there is possibility to play Chinese poker which is good for me, but the platform focuses more on Russian players(

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Archer user

I never believed in all these bad beat jackpots, until it happened to me.  They are real at PokerDome and everything was paid. Hurrah!!!

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Geoffrey user

Soft is worse than soft on PokerStars, but in general it's normal, everything is pretty convenient... I like that HM and other programs are prohibited here, and all these put the players on an equal footing.

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hero84 user

Not bad room, didn't face cash out problems, but there are very few people (like 50-70 only) and it is very bad for mtt...

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AceofSpades user

Withdrawals run quickly, there aren't so many people as on pokerstars, for example... and it's good for me. Players sometimes go all-in having trash like 2-7 and win, but it's a rarity.

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Phantom user

Support Service is terrible! It isn't interested in solving the problems...

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