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In the PokerStars Sochi review, we have told you about all the features of the room: rake structure, software, play limits, first deposit bonuses, traffic and registration details. But the most useful and relevant information is generated exclusively by players who regularly use the PokerStars Sochi services.

Reviews on PokerStars Sochi are designed to help you and other users get current information on the room, as well as tell about their own experience of playing in the Russian version of PokerStars.

Feel free to leave your comments and ask questions about the room on this page.

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Reviews (3)
User's aura maomax1223 421
maomax1223 Fan

Very strange room. From Pokes Stars to russion people... We don't need it!

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User's aura Phoenix 187
Phoenix Fan

One of the PokerStars network, it is a pity that only for Russian players. Everything is at a good level. PokerStars is one of the leaders in poker rooms.

Things are good
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Davidyy user

Haven't got it though, only Russians are eligible to play on this platform or anyone interested can as well?

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