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Reviews (11)
Kerry user

Nice poker room! There are few people playing here and I even recognize the nicknames)

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Gsd300 user

Almost wothout people... i dont know what to do here. But design is nice

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cruelJo user

I'm really disappointed with this room.... not many players, no profitable bonuses for newcomers(

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vanessa8 user

It’s always nice to be at the same table with such a famous professional as Galfond! It is great that they made that he plays here in this room not anonymously!

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berlin user

I can compare this room with Pokerstars New Jersey - like a reservation, very few players play here. Maybe someday the situation will change for the better.

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queen9 user

I like the design of the poker room, everything is done stylishly and modernly. I would like to have more players here. Very interesting rakeback system "Splash the pot". Would recommend trying. 

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hellcaster user

I am subscribed to the Galfond's twitter, finally decided to try his room. I have no special complaints, except that there is not enough game here. But I like design and avatars so much. And also interesting rakeback system.

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phoenix79 user

There was a lot of brouhahas over this poker room launching, but it has nothing special. I'm waiting for tournaments to appear in the lobby, maybe it will save the situation... 

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Dred user

Giving 5 stars in advance. Thought there would be empty tables, but was pleasantly surprised. Of course the room is far from the Stars, but I like the idea. Galfond is a cool guy!

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Mario user

Played a little on Run It Once Poker and there were no major issues. But there is one thing to note - mucking of winning hand at showdown runs extremely fast. It makes it almost impossible to read the winning hand, especially in PLO.

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kingofspades user

Promising new poker room. One disadvantage - not enough traffic. But it's ok as an additional room for sessions. Interesting system of rakeback, haven't seen it before.

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