RNG saved Lukas Robinson's 50 BB misclick

Lukas Robinson ggpoker

In online poker, misclick is an accidental wrong mouse click, which leads to an unplanned action during the play, for example, accidental acceptance of an all-in bet, accidental fold, and so on. This happens more often in online poker than when playing offline, because you can easily take the wrong step with one accidental mouse click.  

Lukas Robinson is a poker player, popular Twitch streamer and a member of the GGPoker Squad. Despite being a poker pro, Lukas sometimes makes mistakes, including offensive misclicks. Most often, such mistakes end in money loss, but this time everything went differently.

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On Sunday, Lukas played the $22 Mini Sunday Million at PokerStars. When the poker player was dealt 8-9, he accidentally called 50 BB. His opponents were holding 7-7, 10-10 and K-K.

Would appear to be unreal to resist against those opponents' cards, as Robinon's flop chances were 3.9%, but RNG handled that situation in favour of the GGPoker professional. Lukas hit a straight and won the hand.

Have you experienced similar situations? Did your misclick end in victory or loss?​

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