Rob Yong won $500,000 on Poker After Dark

Rob Yong 2019

Rob Jong took part in the popular TV show Poker After Dark. He played in the hand in which one of the largest pots in the history of show was raffled.

Big pots on After Dark are not uncommon, but this time the pot was really huge. The players fought for $467,000 pot with $100/ $200 blinds. Rob Yong and Alex Keating were the main contenders for the victory.

Apart from them, there were the following participants: PartyPoker President Mike Sexton, producer Randall Emmett, actress Jennifer Tilly and Phil Helmut. Several hands before, Paul Pierce left the game because he was knocked out by Rob Yong.

Alex Keating had A-Q on 5-Q-4 flop and he was ahead of Rob Yong who had only 7-4. The deuce of clubs appeared on the turn and Yong hit a flush draw, and Keating got a gutshot in addition to the top pair.

Alex thought a little and went all-in. Rob Young had to make a very difficult decision, so he asked for a time bank. After the time bank, Young made a call and 4 appeared on the river. It gave Rob the trips and victory.

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